Tasty Garlic Pepper Beef Recipe | Easy and Flavorful

What turns a good dish into an high-quality one? I assume that on the subject of operating with red meat, one among the largest upgrades you may get is by ensuring that it’s far juicy, gentle, and of path, flavorful. And I’d say that your satisfactory wager for this, even as using a simple cooking manner, is the Garlic Pepper Beef recipe.

Garlic Pepper Beef

Buttery and filled with lots of savory flavors, Garlic Pepper Beef makes for a remarkable lunch or dinner. And for a recipe that isn’t exactly Filipino in origin, it can surprise you just how popular that is amongst our kababayans. A famous fast food chain is known for its variation of the scrumptious dish, and has made several comebacks to thrill clients. But where exactly does the appeal come from? What makes Garlic Pepper Beef so universally cherished?

What does Garlic Pepper Beef taste like?

Firstly, the familiarity of flavors genuinely plays into the reputation of this sort of recipe. You’ve were given a totally mild spiciness from garlic powder and floor black pepper. But a chunk of oyster sauce and soy sauce also balances this out, and makes the meals some distance extra savory and irresistible. And this is a mix that can remind you of other scrumptious recipes with brown, soy sauce-primarily based sauces and stews.

But as I stated earlier, the way we make the pork also performs into how tasty our dish is. The marinating manner definitely helps p.C. In all that flavor. And our toasted garlic as topping is perfect to feature an detail of crispiness.

Ingredients in Garlic Pepper Beef

Beef sirloin

We will need a stunning reduce of meat for this dish, and so the recipe requires a few pork sirloin. This unique component is thought for being tender and lean, which makes it a pretty not unusual first preference for numerous cooks. Just get 1 lb. For our recipe.


It’s in the call, and so inevitable, you may want more than one cloves of garlic. If you haven’t gotten to purchase them but, I would endorse selecting those that are firm, and have no blemishes on them. Grab 5 cloves, after which continue to mince these.

Knorr pork cube

You can reap a lot extra intensity with the proper red meat dice for flavoring. And so we are able to use ½ Knorr red meat dice as an clean manner of truly emphasizing the meatiness of our dish.


This is an factor that actually serves a number of purposes when it comes to cooking meat. A bit of butter can assist further tenderize your pork, and it can mainly melt the outer a part of the meat to make it much less harsh for consuming. Butter does all that while adding a pleasing layer of flavor. Set apart just 1 tablespoon for this Garlic Pepper Beef.


Just top off 1 cup with water for our recipe. This is vital to growing our velvety, delicious sauce.

Canola oil

And for a piece of a more healthy choice in oil, we will need four tablespoons of canola oil. People seeking to cut lower back on saturated fats in their meals often pass for this kind of cooking oil. It is also considered the more perfect preference because it’s got loads of monounsaturated fat, which is understood to lessen horrific cholesterol to your body.

Marinade components:

Soy sauce

Seeing as to how we are coping with pork, it’s miles almost a given that we will also want a tad of soy sauce. This is a super move-to condiment which could make your meat greater savory and wealthy. Have 2 tablespoons of soy sauce geared up for the marinade. This strikes a chord in my memory of sirloin bistek tagalog.

Oyster sauce

We will also want 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce to add a piece extra flavor to the beef sirloin.

Ground black pepper

We’ve been working with a couple of commonplace spices and seasonings to this point, and we can use but some other one which you most probably have already got on your kitchen. Get ½ teaspoon of ground black pepper. Here is any other form of pepper steak.

Garlic powder

Using garlic powder can surely reduce our prep time in terms of making the marinade as there could be no peeling and cutting involved. But every other cause why I like using the powder model is because it possesses a evidently wealthy and sturdy flavor that we need to mirror in our pork. And considering it is able to be quite flavorful, all we can use is 1 teaspoon of garlic powder.


Last however now not least, you will need 1 tablespoon of cornstarch for our marinating procedure.

How to Make Garlic Pepper Beef

1: Marinating the pork sirloin

For this, you simply need to put your red meat sirloin, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ground black pepper, garlic powder and cornstarch in a field. Now blend these collectively, and make sure that the pork is well blanketed by means of the marinade. Wait for 10 mins to permit the flavor soak into the beef.

2: Creating toasted garlic

While ready, we can pass in advance, and warmth up a few oil in our pan. And then positioned the minced garlic interior for cooking in low heat. Making certain that this doesn’t get burnt, you can preserve cooking until you have a golden brown colour for the garlic. Then use a kitchen strainer to filter out your garlic with a field underneath to seize the oil. Set this aside, at the side of the oil that we’ve got accumulated as we are able to use this later.

3: Cooking up the beef

Once the marinating time is up, it’s off to frying! Pour your garlic oil inside the pan we used in advance, and allow this get hot. Then placed your marinated red meat inner, and fry this until the beef is brown. Take the beef out of the pan for now.

And then add butter to the pan, and simply melt this. Put half of your Knorr red meat cube. Now we ought to place the red meat lower back inner, and stir-fry the whole thing for an awesome 30 seconds.

4: Making the sauce

Incorporate your water now so we are able to create the sauce. Just watch for this to boil, after which stir the whole thing as soon as boiling has started. You can keep cooking until you get to see the consistency you would really like in your sauce.

After that, you can top the dish off with a number of your toasted garlic from in advance. And voila! You’ve got yourself some tasty Garlic Pepper Beef. Feel loose to switch this to a serving bowl of choice.

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