Try our delicious Christmas Chicken Curry recipe for a festive twist on a classic dish

Some dishes don’t immediately scream excursion spirit to you. Yet one chew and also you’ll find your self with some thing to rejoice nearly immediately! For some, even the humblest and most normal of food can end up a Christmas lifestyle. Any meal can end up unique, in the end, when you’re sharing it with the human beings you love most. That’s why this excursion season, say sure to Christmas comfort food while you make this delicious chicken curry!

Fragrant and undeniably appealing, the charm of fowl curry starts offevolved with its irresistible aroma. The dish makes its charms regarded even before you may lay eyes on it; one whiff of it from the kitchen and every body knows they’re in for a deal with! This is made even greater obvious once they subsequently get to put eyes in this classic dish. Chicken curry’s shiny sun shades and colours make it a true visible feast. And once you get to take a chew of this dish, there’s honestly no going lower back! Serving fowl curry this Christmas will for sure win the hearts of all your loved ones.

Christmas Chicken Curry Ingredients

A combined bag of components include this delightful dish. Chicken curry is a classic, with origins in each India and Japan! But our personal Philippine cuisine has given a spin to the dish we recognise and love as chicken curry nowadays. From an array of spices to hearty and chunky produce and protein, there’s just so tons about this Filipino favourite to love. You’ll be feeling the Christmas spirit whilst you integrate all of these excellent elements!

For the curry sauce:

1. Coconut milk.

The sauce of the bird curry is arguably one in all, if not the thing that makes this dish stand out maximum. And a large part of it has to do with the nutty richness of gata, or coconut milk! This creamy base for our chicken curry sauce gives it that trace of sweetness we absolutely adore. There’s no better foundation to a sauce than gata; just ask our many Filipino dishes that utilize it!

2. Curry powder

Warm and satisfactory, this is what combines with coconut milk to present hen curry that certainly one of a type flavor. Curry powder includes a number of spices like cinnamon, ginger, and on occasion even garlic! The result is a complicated but in the end delicious seasoning that makes any dish a hundred — even 1000 instances better. Your chicken curry genuinely wouldn’t be chook curry with out it!

3. Turmeric powder

. Chicken curry is loved even extra for its brilliant colorations; the yellow coloration that honestly reels you in with just one appearance. And we’ve turmeric powder to thank for that! But turmeric isn’t most effective golden in the literal feel; this spice comes with numerous fitness blessings that supply your bird curry extra vitamins. From antioxidants to distinct vitamins and vitamins, turmeric makes the coronary heart wholesome and the stomach satisfied!

4. Knorr cream of mushroom mix.

Yes! Just a tablespoon of Knorr cream of mushroom blend makes a international of distinction in your hen curry’s flavor. Creamy, umami, and mushroom-y, your bird curry will in no way be the same once more! And bird and mushrooms are constantly a winning aggregate.

5. Knorr fowl dice.

This will upload in your sauce’s depth of flavor, making your meat greater flavorful and breathing even greater life into an already vibrant dish.

For the curry components:

Chicken. Breast, thigh, wing — anything you like, don’t hesitate to feature it! Tender chook that melts to your mouth is the name of the hen curry sport. It’s a protein that’s lighter than red meat or beef but will nevertheless manipulate to offer you a hundred% pride.
Potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. These chunky veggies mix perfectly together with your bird, presenting a a laugh contrast of each textures and flavors! Your chicken curry wouldn’t be entire with out those veggies complementing and soaking up the richness of your sauce.
Long green peppers. Turn up the heat and supply your hen curry a kick! These lengthy green peppers do simply the trick in ensuring your dish’s flavor is as amped up as viable. Think you could handle a chunk extra warmness? Add as many chili peppers as your coronary heart goals!
Now which you’ve were given every of your substances down pay, let’s cook dinner your Christmas Chicken Curry!

How to Cook Christmas Chicken Curry

As continually, step one is to cook dinner your simple components. After heating oil in a pot, sauté your garlic, onion, and ginger until your onions melt. Then, upload your fowl and cook till it turns a pleasant, mild brown. Sprinkle for your curry and turmeric powder, then steadily, add your coconut milk and water. Stir and permit your curry and turmeric powder regulate the color of your dish in its entirety. Let it boil, then upload your Knorr chook cube. After protecting the pot, prepare dinner your bird curry low and sluggish for 20 minutes.

When your 20 minutes are up, potatoes and carrots move in next. For eight mins, permit your hen curry to this point to prepare dinner. Meanwhile, in a separate bowl, combine a tablespoon of Knorr cream of mushroom with half a cup of water. Blend your mix in well, then add it to the pot and stir. Lastly, add your bell peppers and chili peppers, then cover the pot and allow it cook dinner for a final five mins.

After seasoning your dish with salt and ground black pepper, your fowl curry is ready to move! Grab your bowls and serve your Christmas chook curry for your own family! They’re positive to enjoy it.

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