Crispy and Delicious Ham Katsu Recipe – The Perfect Japanese Comfort Food

Doubtlessly, a commonplace difficulty for plenty dad and mom is what to prepare for their youngsters’ day at college. The perfect baon has to attraction to younger tastes, even as also being both hearty and wholesome at the equal time. Thankfully, there are quite some of exclusive alternatives to pick out from, and households round the sector have prepared numerous different dishes for his or her youngsters because the years move by using. But for something new and beautiful, why now not do this ham katsu on for size? Your infant will simply have a bright smile on his face when he opens up his lunchbox to fulfill this saucy, inviting, and golden brown treat!

Katsu isn’t any new dish, and plenty of Filipinos have grown to like this Japanese native. Delicious cuts of meat sandwiched between breadcrumbs and flour — who could ask for more? This katsu is crispy at the outdoor, with a pleasant and smooth meat that genuinely makes this dish the first-class of both worlds. Today, the beef we’re using is none other than CDO Holiday Ham. That’s right; you can make even the normal days sense like a holiday with this tasty and filling protein! Each pleasurable chunk will make your youngster’s baon all of the greater special!

And ham katsu isn’t only for children either! Eaters young and old will delight within the crispiness and tastiness of this filling essential dish. Whether it’s a complete meal with your own family or some thing you’ll bring on the visit work, you won’t be able to get sufficient of this splendid dish.

What does Ham Katsu flavor like?

Savory and umami, ham katsu is a dish liked for its crispy texture and yummy taste. The taste of your ham is a pleasing combination of candy and salty. Plus, it’s miles made even better whilst surrounded with the aid of its golden brown exterior! Taking a chew out of this dish is a harmonious enjoy of each textures and flavors; you without a doubt won’t be able to get enough!

And that’s no longer all. Alongside your ham katsu we have your rich and extremely flavorful tonkatsu sauce! A mix of tanginess and wonder, your ham katsu’s sauce is basically barbeque sauce made better. The smokiness of this condiment flawlessly complements your dish and makes it even tastier. Plus, it’s altogether in order that easy to make! All you need for this sauce are normal elements you may find in any Filipino pantry. From white sugar to banana ketchup, oyster sauce and Worcestershire sauce, your these additives are so available and smooth to whip together to make your ham katsu’s perfect accomplice.

What can I eat with ham katsu?

Ham katsu on its own is clearly pretty delicious. Serve it with a pleasant heaping portion of rice and greater regularly than no longer, you’re exact to head! If you need to dress up your dish a bit greater though and may spare the time, you can usually make it a complete Japanese set! Typically, eating places serve katsu with cabbage and miso soup to make it a full meal. Both facet dishes are simply as smooth to make as your essential course and could really impress cherished ones coming to consume your scrumptious food!

Additionally, sushi rolls and sashimi are always a great start to any meal! Dishes like California maki and tuna rolls will virtually make a high-quality opening act to the superstar of your culinary dinner party. If raw fish isn’t for your liking, different dishes might also strike your fancy! From the saucy chicken teriyaki to similarly crisp tempura, your meal can be as good sized and deliciously Japanese as you want it to be!

How to make ham katsu

Making ham katsu is easy and fun. Let’s first put together your katsu notebook through prepping three separate bowls. Fill each with special components, in order: flour, a overwhelmed egg, after which your Panko breadcrumbs. Now that you’ve prepped your meeting line, slice up 500 grams of CDO Holiday Ham. Each slice should be approximately an inch thick; take one and dredge it in the flour. Then, dip it in your egg, ensuring you have absolutely coated the whole slice. The final step might be to dredge your ham inside the breadcrumbs, urgent them lightly in order that they maintain and fix in your ham better.

After heating cooking oil in a pan, deep fry your ham katsu. The end result we’re after is a beautiful golden brown. Once you’ve got that on your backside facet, turn your slice of katsu over and deep fry another time. When you’re glad with the coloration on both ends, eliminate your katsu from the pan and let it calm down. A tip could be to line a wire rack or plate with a paper towel a good way to absorb any extra grease, without making it any much less crispy! Continue to try this until you’ve cooked all of your ham katsu slices.

When performed, don’t overlook to make your tonkatsu sauce! Mix a teaspoon of granulated sugar and oyster sauce, as well as 2 tablespoons of banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce nicely until you’ve included all those scrumptious flavors. The mixture will definitely make the suitable addition for your meal.

At this factor, you and your loved ones in all likelihood can’t wait to consume, proper? Well thankfully, that wait is over! Arrange the ham katsu with garnish on a serving plate, and make certain to prepare your tonkatsu sauce too. Share and revel in this meaty, delightful goodness with your family!


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