Delicious Chopsuey with Chicken and Broccoli Recipe | Easy and Healthy

There is an abundance of fresh vegetables in the Philippines that come to life in a variety of dishes in our cuisine. This vibrant and refreshing vegetable comes to life in Chopsuey, a blend of ingredients that make for a proper meal. Hearty, filling, and overall delicious, Chopsuey is a prime example of Filipinos taking full advantage of our plant-based benefits. Sauteing them and tossing them in an amazing sauce is the best way to bring out the delicious and unique flavor of
each ingredient.

This delicious vegetable mix is ​​one of the many contributions the Chinese have made to our delicacies.Chopsuey, as the Chinese understand it, is a dish of meat, such as chicken, fish, or beef, and eggs, cooked with vegetables, such as bean sprouts and celery, in a thick sauce. While many typically delight in chopsuey with rice, American Chinese delicacies add noodles to the mix. Hence the Chinese-American version of chow mein that has made fast-food chains like Panda Express so popular.

Chopsuey’s name actually means “different pieces,” and with good reason. From its origins in China, this dish has spread worldwide due to its clean instructions and accessible components.Even the humble carinderías or cafeterias in the Philippines serve chopsuey as a meal daily. Not only is it a delicious and filling lunch, but it’s also packed with the nutrients that make healthy flavor so on point.

Chopsuey Ingredients

Chopsuey is a blend of many ingredients that combine to create an exceptional and appealing treat. It prides itself on the variety of vegetables it houses; Here’s a full list of the ones we’re going to use today.

Cauliflower florets
Snow Peppers
Red Peppers
Green Peppers
Baby Corn
Quail Eggs are another popular aspect of Chopsuey.The smooth texture and creamy taste of these chew-size confections complement this harmony of substances in a remarkable way.

The version of Chopsuey we’re cooking today has the additional ingredients chicken and broccoli. Another classic Chinese dish, chicken and broccoli come together for an exquisite combination of texture and flavor in the mouth. And after pairing it with Chopsuey, it really is a dish not to be missed!

Sauces we use include soy sauce and oyster sauce.The addition of cornstarch diluted in water adds viscosity to the dish, making it spicier and more appealing to your taste buds.

With clean items to find and a perfectly simple recipe, it’s no wonder this humble dish has become a household favourite. The key to pan frying is getting all your dinner ingredients ready over extreme heat as quickly as possible. I mean, you don’t want to spend so much time in the kitchen preparing something delicious. Let’s make chopsuey today!

Prepare Chicken and Broccoli Chopsuey

To prepare all of your chopsuey ingredients, you will need numerous pieces and cubes After slicing four ounces of chicken breasts, cut two carrot pieces into a cross shape. You need to chop the red and green peppers as well as some onion. Chop the cabbage and garlic, and also cook the quail eggs.

Now that it’s done, heat 3 tablespoons cooking oil in a pan and sauté the onions. Once the layers have separated, turn up the garlic clumps and hold until the onions continue to melt.If equipped, insert the choke breast slices and sear until the outside is browned. Pour in your soy sauce and oyster sauce (2 tablespoons each), then 1 cup of water. After stirring constantly, cover the pot and bring your chopsuey to a boil. Once it’s boiling, add your Knorr Chicken Cube and cook dinner over medium-high heat, allowing your sauce to reduce by half.

When your combo is finally boiling, add the carrots and cook for about 3 minutes.Pour in the cornstarch and water mixture and mix. When your sauce has thickened just a little, load the rest of your veggies. These include corn, cauliflower, peppers, broccoli, peas and cabbage. Mix together all of your chopsuey components, then cover your pan and cook for about 1 ½ minutes. After this point, season your dish with salt and ground black pepper to taste, and garnish your quail eggs.

Your Chopsuey with poultry and broccoli is ready! Turn off the heat, transfer your dish to a serving platter, and enjoy all the delights this hearty meal has to offer.

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