Juicy Pinoy Burger Steak with Gravy Recipe – A Classic Filipino Dish with a Flavorful Twist

If, like me, and most different Filipinos, you enjoy ingesting tender, juicy meat with a robust umami taste, you’ll in reality enjoy this recipe. I love this Pinoy Burger Steak dish because it certainly simplifies the technique of cooking up a terrific patty dish. How? It makes use of only some vital elements to actually power up the general flavor of our ulam burger.

That’s every other aspect that may definitely accelerate the technique. We could be the usage of a few equipped to prepare dinner ulam burger for the meat, which additionally makes this quite proper as a brief restore for when you want packed lunch.

What does Pinoy burger steak taste like?
While the burger patty performs a big role on this dish, there may be any other element that we truly can’t underestimate. Our mushroom gravy is liable for a massive a part of the taste of this dish, and helps distinguish it as a Pinoy Burger Steak dish. It is made with the wealthy taste of red meat bouillon, Worcestershire sauce, and receives its pleasant, velvety texture from the likes of butter and flour.

Mixing that into our ulam burger enriched by way of a few toasted garlic on top makes the appropriate dish for any time of the day! I may also have endorsed this is a mid-day meal, however it additionally works exquisite in fueling you in the morning, and serving as your dinner.

I assume we’re equipped to get began— let me spoil down the stairs for you!

How to Make Pinoy Burger Steak

1.Cooking the burger patties

  • Heating oil up – Get 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, and pour this into a pan. Apply some heat, and simply let your oil get warm.
  • Integrating the meat – Just upload 6 CDO Ulam Burger patties, and fry them. Flip them over as soon as one side is already cooked.

2.Creating the mushroom gravy

  • Working with the butter and mushrooms – For this a part of the recipe, we are able to want three tablespoons of butter. Put this in a saucepan, and then with a few warmth, just allow the butter melt. After that, you want to position ¾ cup of button mushroom inner. Sauté these collectively for just 1 minute.
  • Achieving the best gravy consistency – Now we need to comprise 4 tablespoons of all-purpose flour. Stir this into the combination till it receives lumpy, and then you may pour 1 ¾ cup of water interior. We will begin stirring once more, and stop as soon as the aggregate receives excellent and smooth.
  • Seasoning the gravy – It’s time to vicinity 1 red meat bouillon, 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce, and your preferred amount of salt and ground black pepper inside. Mix those into your dish very well.
  • Three.

3.Assembling the Pinoy Burger Steak

  • Arranging the patties – Put 3 cooked burger patties on each plate. Then upload 1 cup of cooked rice for these too.
  • Adding sauce – Afterwards, we will drizzle our stunning, savory mushroom gravy on top. Then garnish with three tablespoons of toasted garlic, and 1 tablespoon of chopped parsley.
  • And now you’ve got yourself some delicious plates of conventional Pinoy Burger Steak! But in case you need to get surely complete, I actually have multiple tips in phrases of dishes you can have along with your burger steak!

What to Serve with Pinoy Burger Steak

Three scrumptious burger steak patties are sincerely enough for a meal, however I could nonetheless endorse attempting out this transformation in case you are a seafood lover. Adding more than one delicious salmon patties could truly upgrade your meal. Plus, it could have a pleasing combination of sweetness and sourness with the appropriate combination of mayonnaise and ketchup for a sauce. This can also be an excellent breakfast dish if you manifest to have a few toast and eggs on you at home.

You can truely anticipate to experience your burger steak greater with a few perfectly salted Crispy Homemade French Fries. After all, even with out burger steak, we regularly locate ourselves yearning this ever so lovable facet dish. It’s also a pretty splendid advantage which you have already got a few mushroom gravy in our fundamental recipe, which tastes outstanding with this crunchy treat!

And just to reset the palate, and offer a pleasant sourness in your table of dishes, you ought to truely have some Ensaladang Mangga too! While we often pair this with grilled dishes, it additionally works brilliant with rich, sauce-stuffed recipes consisting of this one. Another tremendous aspect about it is that it’s in reality healthy. After all, it incorporates the likes of tomato, calamansi and inexperienced mangoes inside the blend! And it will now not take too much time to create. You actually need much less than a 1/2 hour to whip this up. That’s because you may specially just prepare the substances via slicing, and blend them collectively.

I desire you preferred cooking up this Pinoy Burger Steak dish!


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