Saucy Beef with Broccoli Recipe | Easy and Delicious

I love whatever with red meat and broccoli. This Saucy Beef with Broccoli is my take to contain extra sauce to the beloved dish. You can now pinnacle your rice with greater sauce even as playing this tremendous dish.

How to Cook Saucy Beef with Broccoli

The cooking manner must be accomplished within 30 minutes, as long as soft cuts of pork are used.

Start with the aid of marinating the pork to infuse taste. Do this by using combining soy sauce, cooking wine, and beef. Mix it well and then upload cornstarch. Shaoxing wine is used for this recipe. Feel unfastened to apply mirin, sake, or maybe rum as options.

You is probably thinking about the cause of the cornstarch. It does now not affect the flavor of the dish. However, it’s miles critical to offer texture to the sauce. It allows thicken it.

The subsequent step is sautéing. Do this by using sautéing ginger and onion in a pan. Always saute in excessive warmth. Add the marinated red meat once the onion softens. Cooking the red meat until it turns brown via stir-frying is the intention. Add oyster sauce afterwards and stir-fry. This extra ingredient presents extra flavor that completes the dish.

Make the dish saucier with the aid of adding beef broth. You can use save-offered broth or pork stock. Beef powder and cubes also are true options. Don’t forget about to add water if using either powder or cubes.

I upload the broccoli toward the give up. I like crunchy. This is the reason why cooking it for just around 3 minutes is right.

Finalize the dish by means of adjusting the taste primarily based for your desire with the aid of including salt and ground black pepper as needed.

I usually enjoy the stir-fried version with Yang Chow fried rice. However, this sauce version works well with simple white rice. Simply pinnacle the warm sauce over the rice and upload a beneficiant serving of red meat.

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