Savory Longganisa Pasta Recipe – A Filipino Twist on a Classic Dish

Do you ever crave the meaty deliciousness of longganisa, but equally long some thing mild however flavorful? Have the hankering for something enjoyable that won’t go away you in a food coma for the rest of the day? Well, you need not appearance any further — this longganisa pasta is the answer to all of your questions! This dish manages to contain the pleasing flavor of longganisa with the light feeling you get while you devour pasta. A blend of penne, tomato sauce, and pepper flakes come collectively for a delicious gourmand revel in from the consolation of your home. Need a brief longganisa restoration? This’ll be the dish that does it for you!

This longganisa pasta is the correct dish for those who want a lighter version of another pasta classic, spaghetti bolognese. Like the latter, a deliciously vibrant purple sauce coats all the components of your longganisa pasta; the mixture of each tomato sauce and paste will simply do the trick! But unlike bolognese which uses floor meat in its sauce, longganisa pasta consists of the titular meat thru thick and chunky slices. Each bite is extra flavorful and filling than the last, and makes your dish even more delicious!

Longganisa Pasta Ingredients

Have we piqued your interest? If so, right here are the additives you’ll need to make your longganisa pasta brilliant! You’ll be overjoyed to discover that the ingredients for this pasta are so easy to locate and source. In fact, maximum of them you’ll likely have already got mendacity around your pantry!

CDO Skinless Longganisa

We start the list off with your famous person protein: 6 pieces of CDO Skinless Longganisa! This tasty meat is ideal for greater dishes than simply breakfast (though a longsilog truly wouldn’t be the worst alternative for an excellent meal). When you cook this aspect simply right, you get a protein that’s sweet, savory, smoky, and enjoyable — all in one! Yes, this dish may remind you of vibrant and early mornings. But having it on your longganisa pasta will make your day better, regardless of what time of day it is!

Penne pasta

What’s your pasta of choice? Some people I understand adore a pleasant, al dente spaghetti noodle you could twirl round together with your fork. But for kids, messy eaters, and those on the move, penne can be the better alternative! These small and compact noodles make your ingesting enjoy extra handy — and many times, less messy. Whether you’re playing this meaty sauce or a creamier alternative like carbonara, penne is usually a reliable pasta noodle to have around. However, you’re additionally thoroughly unfastened to choose any other pasta noodle based totally on your personal alternatives!

Tomato sauce and paste

Like we noted earlier, a part of what makes this longganisa pasta stand out is that gloriously red look. We have these tomato elements to thank for that! The summery fruit has a few in reality fresh flavors that cut thru your meaty longganisa resultseasily. It offers your dish more zest, with layers of tanginess and brightness to balance out your hearty meat. This is, without query, the right sauce on your longganisa pasta; try it yourself!

Italian Seasoning, red pepper flakes, onions, garlic

Here are, of direction, some other spices and seasonings so as to provide your dish that greater oomph! With pointers of various herbs and spices on your Italian Seasoning and that extra kick your purple pepper flakes upload, these components are evidence that the smallest things can make the largest impact.

Cheddar cheese

Last but virtually not least, you may’t forget your cheddar cheese! Sweet however sharp, salty and satisfying — your longganisa pasta actually wouldn’t be entire with out it!

How to make longganisa pasta — it’s easier than you think!

To start, it’s integral that your longganisa and penne pasta are already cooked. When beginning to cook, warmth 3 tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan. In that same pan, sauté your onion and garlic, and upload your tomato sauce as soon as your onion softens. Bring your mix to a boil, then upload Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes. Cover the pan; allow it cook for approximately 15 mins, however best on a low and consistent warmness.

When your 15 mins are up, add tomato paste to make your sauce thicker. Toss on your penne pasta, then cook for a further minute. Slice your longganisa pieces in half and then upload those into your pasta mix as well. Toss it all together to ensure you’ve included all the elements in your longganisa pasta blend very well.

Season with salt and ground black pepper to flavor, then add your cheddar cheese. Once you’re satisfied with the way you’ve blended your pasta, switch it to a serving plate and experience it heat. Share and experience with the rest of your circle of relatives!


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