Whip Up a Nutritious Meal with our Healthy Ginataang Gulay Recipe featuring Tofu and Shrimp!

Before we begin picking and cooking our food, we generally ask ourselves what’s quality for our urge for food. But of route, we additionally need to think about how the chosen dish could benefit our bodies. That’s why it is right to have a menu of wholesome alternatives in our head for when we surprise what to create inside the kitchen. A top desire to usually have in mind? A wholesome and scrumptious ginataang gulay recipe!

Mixing our favorite vegetables with the creaminess and flavor of coconut milk surely makes for some of the pleasant dishes. After all, it may reflect the flavor of home at the same time as working well with the seasonings we usually have it with. But in case you’re seeking out a greater handy, smooth choice to cook with in terms of Ginataan, we also can use some Ginataang Gulay mix. This additionally flawlessly holds some of the most complementary flavors with our nutritious components like broccoli and lengthy green beans.

But before we get commenced, how about we get to recognise some of the fitness benefits that include a recipe like this?

Health benefits of Ginataang Gulay with Tofu and Shrimp:


When we think of healthier protein alternatives to have, seafood usually additionally involves mind. And for shrimp, this in particular applies because it is packed with numerous additives which can be terrific for your body. This aspect has antioxidants, inclusive of astaxanthin. This is a carotenoid that can help save you irritation, and guard your cells from loose radicals.

There also are research surrounding it on preserving your brain and heart’s fitness. This low-calorie seafood element additionally has phosphorus, zinc and magnesium— minerals which are beneficial in your frame. Magnesium, for one, can hold your bones wholesome.

Red bell pepper

The pink bell pepper can bring a few crunch and a refreshing element to any dish. And luckily, it also has a first rate percentage of fitness benefits! For one, it’s far low in energy, and is packed with largely beneficial nutrients and minerals. Firstly, it’s miles very rich in vitamin C. Among its many purposes is to form muscle and collagen in bones. And it can help reduce the chance of coronary heart ailment.

Red bell peppers additionally have carotenoids which could useful resource in making your eye health higher. These are lutein and zeaxanthin— carotenoids that are additionally great for maintaining your retina safe from oxidative damage. Eating extra bell peppers in general have additionally been related to preventing continual illnesses because of this component’s nutritious additives.


We use tofu in the sort of superb type of dishes, don’t we? From distinct soup recipes to the Pinoy traditional candy Taho, this factor is notorious for operating with many dishes. We additionally realize it quite nicely for being a healthy component. This is due to the fact it’s miles rich in nutrients, just like our pink bell pepper. It has plenty of isoflavones, which means it can help preserve your levels of cholesterol low, and reduce the risk for heart sickness.

Isoflavones is likewise an antioxidant, this means that it could fight off harm from loose radicals. This can save you persistent ailments. Studies have additionally shown that isoflavones can enhance one’s skin, and reinforce your bones.

Now that we’re nicely-oriented with the nutritious ingredients that come with our dish, let’s go ahead and make it!

How to prepare dinner Ginataang Gulay with Tofu and Shrimp:

Cooking the shrimp, and incorporating a few veggies

Start out by getting 4 tablespoons of cooking oil, and heating this up in a wok or a extensive pan. Now take your 6 to 8 pieces of shrimp, and region it in the wok. Fry each facet for 1 minute then you may dispose of it, and set it apart. For now, we are able to work on our greens!

With the oil we’ve left in the back of, we are able to be cooking our onion, garlic and ginger. You will need 1 onion you’ve chopped, 3 cloves of garlic you’ve chopped, and a couple of thumbs of ginger you’ve sliced into strips. Add these kinds of to the wok, and sauté them. After that, you can additionally combine the two carrots you’ve sliced, and 12 ounces of long inexperienced beans. Cook these all up for 1 minute.

We will now incorporate four ounces of broccoli, 1 red bell pepper we’ve sliced, and half of of the 6 oz of diced and fried tofu we accrued for the recipe. And then move beforehand and cook dinner this all up for 2 minutes. For a burst of taste, additionally mix together 40 grams of Knorr Ginataang Gulay Mix with 1 ½ cups of water. This will assist give the dish that complete and fulfilling creaminess we’d like for our Ginataang Gulay. Make positive to mix it very well earlier than you pour it into the pan.

Adding a few greater seasonings and shrimp:

Now sprinkle in 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder, and also upload your fried shrimp from earlier. Then cowl your pan or wok, and maintain the whole thing cooking for 5 to 7 mins. But you may also increase or reduce the time short, relying on how cooked you would like your vegetables to be. Afterwards, all we have to do is season all of it with some ground black pepper and salt, and add the tofu we’ve left.

Make sure to have this deliciously nutritious dish with some heat rice. Then you’re executed! What other recipes might you want to look? And did you revel in my Healthy Ginataang Gulay with Tofu and Shrimp? Let me know in the comments below!


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